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ODDs & SODs is relatively new to Grey and Simcoe Counties and surrounding areas, the owner Bonnie Kummer, grew up on a farm north of Mitchell Ontario. She not only lived but also helped work the farm. Bonnie dedicates her parent’s insistent approach to daily chores is the backbone which she has developed her business ethics from.

 In her twenties Bonnie decided to hang up her rubber boots and trade them in for high heels and dresses; working for a Financial Institution, she traveled extensively throughout Ontario and Western Canada.  After a while she decided, she wanted a home of her own; she went to work for an Auto Manufacturing to build up her equities to buy a house. After fifteen year in automotive and through adversities Bonnie went back to school and took Business Marketing at Fanshawe College in London Ontario. After graduation, she turned her attention to looking for work in an area of Ontario she loved to spend her leisure time. You guessed it, The Blue Mountains. 

While in the search for employment and spending endless amounts of time in Collingwood and area Bonnie was introduce to homeowners who may have an apartment for rent. During conversation with the homeowners, she learnt that their busy schedules kept them from spending time attending to the yard work.  During Thanksgiving weekend of 2015, Bonnie found herself in the midst of what she loves to do; the homeowners hired Bonnie to clean up their yard. Time had gotten away from the homeowners and the gardens had become over grown. Wasting no time, Bonnie spent her weekend cutting, digging, transplanting, and put love back into their yard. Having owned three homes, Bonnie has developed a keen eye for landscaping, and beautiful surroundings; she found her spiritual love once again getting her hands in the ground and creating beauty for the homeowner. The homeowners were ecstatic to be able to drive into their yard and adore it as they had  the day of purchase.  During this entire job hunting process, Bonnie found herself missing active hands on work and went to work part-time for Meinen Roofing in Mitchell Ontario. Roofing is not an easy job; Bonnie says, “You work in the heat of the summer and cold of the fall into early winter.” Bonnie welcomes challenges and is not shy of long hours and hard work.
Since Bonnie has always worked for a company or corporations, she had never given much thought until now to own and operate my own business. It was not until working on the grounds of this particular homeowner that she decided to take this inspiration and bring it life this is how ODDs & SODs came to be. There seem to be an abundance of homeowners and weekend warriors who have little time for the TO-DO the list;

We all understand that busy life styles and situations leave us unable to take care of the home and yard work. ODDs & SODs can clean the house and spruce up your yard, removing Old Man Winters left overs, and tucking your yard in for a long winters nap.  Bonnie can also help you to relocate plants and small shrubs, teach you how to care for them and share learnt knowledge of the species. 

ODDs & SODs takes pride in the small and big things while working within your budget and time scope, this will make your life a little more manageable. 

Grey and Simcoe Counties